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Name:    TGSS Series Enmasse Drag Conveyor

Application :   TGSS Series Enmasse Drag Conveyor is mainly used to convey various scattered materials in the grain, feed and oil industries.

Performance Features :

1. Simple structure, small size, good seal, large conveying quantity, little conveying material damage, low working noise, high conveying efficiency, etc.;
2. Having many points for material supplying and discharging, long conveying distance, etc.;
3. Adopting center-adjusting ball bearing with seat, easy assembling.

Technical characteristics :

Models Parameters TGSS20 TGSS25 TGSS32
Groove width(mm) 200 250 320
Chain node distance(mm) 66.5 66.5 66.5
Type of Enmasse Drag T shaped T shaped T shaped
Line speed of Enmasse Drag(m/s) 0.31 0.31 0.38
Capacity(t/h) 15 25 35