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Name:    SFSP128 Series Hammer Mill

Application :  SFSP128 Series Hammer Mill is applied to mill various granular raw materials, such as corns, sorghums, wheat, beans, cake pieces, etc.

Performance Features :

1. The motor and the rotor are installed together and positioned by positioning blocks and the flexible pole pin coupling is connected directly to drive;
2. With the rotor tested by dynamic balance, the main shaft matched with imported SKF bearing and heavy-duty bearing seat;
3. The mill adopts a drip-shaped grinding chamber.The material inlet is equipped with teeth-shaped striking plates with secondary striking plates in the bottom, to destroy the circulation layer of materials;
4. The rotor has two kinds of screen gaps; one is for coarse grinding and one is for fine grinding. Therefore, the mill can be applied to produce poultry/livestock feeds and aquafeeds.

Technical characteristics :

Models Parameters Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Rotate speed of the main shaft(rpm) Number of cutters Air intake quantity
SFSP128×30S 55 8~12 1480 36 3400
75 10~15 3750
SFSP128×40S 90 10~17 1480 48 3800
110 12~20 4150
SFSP128×50S 110 17~25 1480 60 4250
132 20~30 4700
SFSP128×60S 132 20~35 1480 84 5200
160 25~40 6000