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Name: SKLNF Series Tipping Cooler   Model: SKLNF Series

Application :
SKLNF Series Tipping Cooler is mainly used to cool various granular materials and extruding feeds. It is suitably used to produce aquafeeds, shrimp feeds and high-grade poultry feeds.

Performance Features :

1. The tipping discharging mechanism is controlled by flexible hydraulic drive system, with adjustable discharging speed;
2. Equipped with material scattering device and the materials are distributed uniformly;
3. Compact structure and beautiful appearance;
4. Stable and reliable work, easy operation and maintenance.

Technical characteristics :

Models Parameters SKLN19×19F SKLN24×21F SKLN24×24F
Volume (m3) 4.0 7.0 8.5
Capacity (t/h) 3~6 6~12 10~15
Power (kw) 1.5 2.2 2.2
Rated working pressure of hydraulic system(MPa) 14 14 14
Size(L×W×H)mm 2385×2500×3431 2795×2680×3826 2795×2980×3826