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Name: TBLMa Series Pulses Dust Remover   Model: TBLMa series

Application :
TBLMa Series Pulses Dust Remover is used to remove the dust in the units, elevator inlet and outlet, weighing and packaging in the grain, oil and food industry. It can be also used for dust filtration, recovery, removing in the light industry, chemical industry, mining, cement and carpentry industries.

Performance Features :

The fan and the pulse hop-pocket remover are combined as a whole to create favorable conditions for shortening air net, simplifying process and improving working efficiency of the main machine.
The structure of the hop-pocket is frame disassembly style, and each hop-pocket can be disassembled independently, which is easy for installation and maintaining.
Equipment volume is small but filtration area is large, filtration area of each hop-pocket is 1m^2, therefore it can deal with more air than the same size round hop-pocket pulse remover, let the miniaturization of the equipment.
The dust removing efficiency is 99.9%, outlet of fan can be exhausted directly to the indoor. Including TBLMa4, TBLMa6, TBLMa9, TBLMa12.