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Name:  Twin Screw Extruder

Widely used for producing extruded aquatic feeds (floating feed, slowly-sinking feed and fast-sinking feed), various pet foods as well as the textured vegetable protein and snacks etc. in food industry.

Performance Features:
Adopting a five-step reduction gear box, in which the original bearings from Germany are used.

Adopt an extended double-shaft differential conditioner made of stainless steel.

A geared motor is used as the main motor, with which the screw rotating speed can be adjusted as per formulation change for producing qualified feed products of different specifications.

Φ0.5mm-Φ50mm floating and sinking feeds with uniform particle size and in diversified shapes can be produced without any powder contained.

Over 18% fat can be contained in feed formulation without any effect on extrusion performance.