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African customers visited Wai Kar
for the chicken feed plant reconstruction

In the early of March, 2009, African customers visited Wai Kar, to discuss the detailed information of the reconstruction project of the existing chicken feed mill.

He knew our company from the advertisement via internet, this time he came here not only to get a better understanding of our feed machinery, and more important, to communicate with Wai Kar on the cooperation of the reconstruction project for the feed plant which had been built 20 years. During the negotiating period, the customer told us about the detailed information of the feed in this plant and the specific requirements of the necessary feed machinery. According to the request of the customer, and accompanied by our sales he went to a nearby feed plant we constructed. Customer carefully checked all feed mill production workshops, as well as the operation of various feed machinery, and then he gave a high degree of evaluation on the feed machinery. After the visit, the customer requested us to provide the proposal and quotation as soon as possible, and hoped to reach a consensus with our company soon. In addition, the two sides made a discussion on further cooperation.