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Name:    TCXT Series Magnet Canister

Application :   TCXT Series Magnet Canister is mainly used to remove magnetic metals in raw materials, suitable for feed factories, grain processing factories, chemical factories, fertilizer factories, impregnant factories and brewing factories.

Performance Features :
1, The magnetic core adopts a newly developed rare earth magnet and has 5~8 years life expectancy; 2, Reasonable structure, high metal removing efficiency and no power consumption. Technical Characteristics

Technical characteristics :

Models Parameters TCXT12 TCXT15 TCXT20 TCXT25 TCXT30
Capacity(t/h) 6~8 8~12 15~25 30~50 45~70
Diameter of magnet (mm) φ120 φ150 φ200 φ250 φ300
Diameter of canister(mm) φ260 φ300 φ400 φ480 φ540
Intensity of magnetic field(GS) ≥3000
Air intake quantity
Weight (kg) 30 50 80 110 160