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Name:    SCQZ Series Taper Material Screener   Model: SCQZ Series

Application :
SCQZ Series Taper Material Screener is mainly used for the powder preliminary cleaning in compound feed factory, effectively separate straw, stones, hemp slice, paper, large regiment miscellany mixed in the powder materials. It can also be used for the selecting and grading of materials which mixed by the mixer. Smash and clear away the regiment materials, to ensure the quality of compound feed.

Performance Features :

High efficiency, smooth running, reliable operation, compact structure, small space of occupying area, easy installation, convenient maintenance, easy replacement of screener cylinder.

With striking plate, the rotor turnings at high-speed, let the materials scattered into the circumference of the screener cylinder and traversed the screener hole rapidly, and the regiment materials will be disintegrated under the strike of striking plate.

Model SCQZ60×50×80 SCQZ90×80×110
Capacity(t/h) 10~15 25~30
Efficiency of remove miscellany >95% >95%
Diameter of screener cylinder(mm) φ600 φ900
Air intake quantity(m3/h) 300~350 500~700
Power(Kw) 5.5 7.5